Planting, sodding, seeding, paving, lighting and irrigation systems.

You can count on the quality of our landscaping work, no matter how complex the project may be! Rest assured your trees, shrubs and perennials will be handled with great care to ensure you get the most outstanding green spaces.


Civil engineering work

Water and sewer systems, excavation, sidewalks, retaining walls, concrete curbs and paving.

We have extensive experience in sidewalk and curb construction, using all types of materials such as concrete and granite. Our versatility also allows us to do the excavation and foundations required prior to installing materials on these kinds of projects!


Park equipement and urban furniture

Play units, furniture (benches, drinking fountains) and water features.

Whether you would like to renovate a playground or build new play units, Promovert Aménagement is your number-one partner to achieve your goals! We are committed to strict compliance with installation regulations and standards!


Artic déneigement

Artic Déneigement, a division of Promovert Aménagement, offers snow removal services to municipal, commercial and industrial companies. Schools, municipalities and businesses, as well as industrial sector companies, can rely on our punctuality and professionalism throughout the winter so that they can continue their operations with complete peace of mind.

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